What the fuck? Last updated: 4/21/7


Nice antenna's. What a retard.


Check out this jackass, no whip!


Big nasty hole. Did he use a chainsaw?


Here he has the antenna installed now. Nice saw blade!


Another jackass with a saw blade. What the fuck is wrong with these people!?!


Another view of that amazing install.


This is a pretty bad job here. I guess he doesn't have a saw blade.


This guy is also having problems, He has been using it like that for weeks now.


Hey! Is that a Tee you have there?


You have to be joking??


Warlord, what were you high when you did this?


Drifter's neat install. He must be an electrician.


Hey look! It is a AC Texas Star.


Always install your cheap antenna in the worst location.


Batteries just laying around, spaghetti, and bungee cords.. SWEET!


Another crummy antenna reinforcement install.